Preparing for PAW

My first Blog post! I shall be sure to make sure this isn't my first and last post as I wanted to start documenting my progress with my career! I'm right at the beginning of it all and have just finished creating my working website which I'm updating regularly instead of making a fantastic looking website only to let it get stale and mouldy over a couple of years.

So what am I doing right now? Well we've got Purbeck Art Weeks right around the corner, its the gallery's busiest festival so I'm making sure to have all the stock on the go and ready, I've got cushions, bags, scarves and hopefully *fingers crossed* a lampshade or two. I'm really enjoying making new products but am still working on the making/designing ratio. Its in my nature to want to do as much drawing as possible but there's so much more to textile design than one would think, with 2 degrees in drawing and design I still feel under-equipped with knowledge to tackle more complex pattern designs. Its all a learning process though!

As well as all that gearing up for summer trade, I am preparing for my summer programme of workshops and the winter term of Purbeck and Poole painters, yes I did say winter term . . in May. Setting up a term of classes has become a bit

One of our classes this term, we were looking at some of the works of Claude Monet , water lillies in particular and constructing our own impressionist pieces with oil pastels.

of a military operation, I don't like doing things last minute and classes require a lot of planning, there is lots of new ideas and mediums planned for next term. I shall keep you updated with all my prep plans for the new term, as for now this pile of cushions is not going to make itself!!

My sewing supervisor, giving the seal of approval on my new lampshade fabrics.

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