After a long summer . . .

With under one week to go till I start my classes again I have finally found a little pocket of time to stop and reflect on all my work this summer and where its all going next!

So even though I've had just shy of 4 months away from regular teaching I don't feel as if I've done that much! After my summer classes finished in June, my first priority was to create some new drawings, the gallery hasn't seen any drawings of mine in a while. I made a pretty cool octopus but after that the work I was trying to kick out just wasn't pleasing me atall! It felt uninspired and with these drawings, the outline takes me less than an hour . .the shading . . maybe another 50, 50 hours of shading that for the first time in years I didn't really want to do.

So I needed a change, and I made a decision to stick to designing and working on my fabric brand for a while, its in my nature to be working on 4 or 5 different things at the same time, I've also found that this is perfect formula to get nothing done! Concentrate on one thing, start doing it well is my new motto.

So apart from working on a huge mountain of neglected 'business development' I've been working on designs but also changing the process, the new process takes me a lot longer to draw and colour, but its a compromise between me being an artist and designing. Here is a picture of my newest design 'electric ocean'.

The drawing process is on A1 paper, this whole process of drawing and inking takes about 6 weeks,but that is whilst working on other things at the same time. I have a rough idea of the design in my head before I start, I do alot of research into the actual fish and corals that make up a reef.

The colouring process is all done digitally on a tablet once the image has been scanned in. This process takes atleast another 3 weeks of editing so that it prints completely perfectly. I use digital printing because of the number of colours I use.

I look forward to some new designs to come out in this style and some big changes over the next coming months.

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